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      Characteristics Of Potassium Sulfate

      May 15, 2021

      (1) High nutrient content: The potassium sulfate content is 50%~52%, and the S content is about 18%. It is a kind of fertilizer with high potassium and sulfur content, which can fully meet the demand of crops for potassium and sulfur.

      (2) Good water solubility: Potassium sulfate can quickly dissolve in water, only contains potassium and sulfate ions, and can be absorbed by crops 100% without any impurities.

      (3) Quick results: After potassium sulfate is dissolved, it will exist as potassium ions and sulfate ions in the solution, which can be quickly absorbed by crops and can be used after a few hours of spraying on leaves.

      (4) Flexible method of application: Potassium sulfate has good water solubility and can be absorbed by crop leaves, stems, roots and other parts. It can be used for base fertilizer, top dressing, and spraying.

      (5) Improve fruit quality: Potassium sulfate contains a large amount of potassium and sulfur, which can significantly increase the content of various solids such as protein, amino acids, vitamin A in the fruit, and increase the yield and quality of the fruit.

      (6) Improve adversity resistance: Potassium can improve the toughness of straw, improve the lodging resistance of crops, and also improve the resistance to adversity.

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