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      Five Tips For Growing Peanuts?

      Jul 05, 2021

      Little peanuts, big thoughts.Although peanuts are small and inexpensive, it is not easy to grow good peanuts!First of all, when selecting seeds, farmers need to spend their minds. One month to half a month before seed selection and sowing, the fruit is sun-dried for 2 ~ 3 days. After shelled granule selection and grading, the bad seeds are removed.

      Today, Topfert come to chat with you about the five skills of peanut planting, from pruning to using fertilizer, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

      1, peanut pruning

      Peanuts appear flower buds, we should learn to cut off the sick and weak branches and no flowers on the seedling plant, such as seedlings grow more prosperous each nest to leave 4 branches, grow more weak each nest to leave 3 branches.

      2, step on seedling and cover flower needle

      In the flowering period of peanuts, peanut seedlings should be stepped to the ground after pm16 o 'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day. Fine soil can be used to evenly spread fine soil from the top of the seedlings to cover the flower needles, so as to make more flower needles fall into the soil to form pods, and achieve the effect of increasing fruit pods and yield.

      3. Peanut fertilizer calcium and phosphorus supplement

      Peanut fertilizer is also a technique. If want the peanut kernel to be round and full, the nutrition of calcium and phosphorus must be sufficient, which has a great advantage in the formation of nut shell and grain plumpness. However, the peanut with insufficient calcium and phosphorus will have the problems of withered leaf buds, less pods, more empty pods, and shriveled grains.

      4. Peanuts

      At 10-15 days after the flowering stage of peanut, the main stem of the seedling was removed or cut off, and 1~2 pairs of lateral branches were retained.

      5, peanut fertilizer molybdenum and boron supplement

      Peanut needs a lot of trace elements during the growth period, not only need a medium and trace amount of calcium and phosphorus, but also a proper amount of molybdenum and boron, which can also increase the yield by 10-15%.

      Molybdenum and boron play an important role in the growth of peanuts.The lack of medium and trace elements such as iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, molybdenum and manganese in the soil or the decrease of absorption rate caused the yellowing of peanut deficiency.

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