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      Ginger Planting in Addition To Use Fertilizer, Don't Forget To Sprout! Ginger Sprout 3 Role, Increase Income

      Jul 02, 2021

      TOPFERT fertilizer base on the field of agricultural fertilizer, specially for the majority of farmers friends to provide agricultural, agricultural information.Please consult agricultural information and cultivation technology at any time, real-time understanding of agricultural news, fertilizer use technology, advantages and disadvantages of fertilizers.

      Onions, ginger and garlic look humble, but it is essential in the kitchen of every family! In recent years, the output value of ginger is getting better and better, and more and more villages are planting ginger. But in terms of growing technology, ginger is not so simple!Ginger should choose fertile soil, deep soil layer, more organic matter loam or sandy loam as good, field drainage and irrigation is convenient, can not waterlogging, otherwise it is easy to produce ginger blast.

      When seeds ginger sowing, can water it once, then do not need water again, until the emergence of the seedlings grow about 3/4 then water again.Wait until the seedling stage, pay attention to the principle of watering small water, even in the summer high temperature, but also ensure that the soil is moist.Wait until the development of ginger seedlings to flourish about 5 days, water once.

      In additio to life-water, ginger is more resistant to fertilizer, and the growing period is long, should be adopted the principle of applying sufficient base fertilizer and multiple topdressing. Topdressing should be applied frequently, from light to thick.When the seedling height is 15 centimeters, apply thin fertilizer once, and the seedling height is 30 centimeters,apply fertilizer second. After that, apply topdressing every 20 days or so.

      Ginger in the process of planting in addition to the timely use of fertilizer, do not forget to accelerate bud! 

      After accelerating bud processing, there are three main roles:

      1, after ginger germination, seedlings will come out earlier than those without germination, which can increase the number of days of development, extend the growing period, and improve the quality of ginger.

      2, after the germination of ginger, the seedlings are relatively neat, so that in the subsequent development of the field, can also achieve the effect of balanced growth.

      3, can promote the ginger grow strong seedlings, so that in the case of more branches, the yield will be effectively improved.

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