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      Litchi Orchard Soil Fertilization 4 Kinds Of Management Measures, Don't Forget To Prune After Picking

      Jul 12, 2021

      Hainan litchi, with its sweet taste and plump flesh, is popular as soon as it hits the market. In addition to the unique tropical climate and sunshine, the cultivation method of litchi orchard in Hainan province are very practical !

      4 kinds of management measures of soil fertilization in Hainan litchi orchard

      1、The orchard is heavily fertilized with organic fertilizer

      It is mainly used as base fertilizer or bottom fertilizer. When the base fertilizer is applied to the fruit tree, the organic fertilizer is the main fertilizer. It is applied in a ring ditch under the drip line of the tree crown, and the soil is cultivated after the application.

      2, Orchard grass cover

      Orchard grass and timely crushed grass buried in the soil, can improve soil organic matter, increase soil nutrients, for the root growth of fruit trees to create a nutrient rich, porous root layer environment, for the root growth of fruit trees to create a good growth environment.

      3, orchard acid-base balance

      The absorption and utilization rate of various nutrient elements in orchard soil is very high under the condition of almost neutral soil. Therefore, the balance of soil pH is also a necessary measure to improve soil and fertilizer absorption and utilization.

      4, orchard deep ploughing soil

      The drought-resistant ability of fruit trees can be improved, nutrient absorption ability can be increased and root growth of fruit trees can be improved by hole expansion and soil modification or deep ploughing and soil thickening.

      In addition to the above several management tips, fruit farmer friends do not forget to prune after each picking. The goal of pruning is to distribute the branches evenly, leaving the right space to allow sunlight and concentrate nutrients. Of course, when pruning, we should be based on the actual situation, adult tree crown developed, more tree tops, which will increase the consumption of nutrients, is not conducive to the growth of later fruits, so we can focus on pruning.

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