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      Citrus Summer Shoot Control Is The Key, Ring Cutting Should Not Be Less Than 3 Times A Year, Experience Is Very Important

      Jun 30, 2021

      The long period of summer shoot pumping of citrus fruit trees just overlaps with the growth and development of citrus young fruits. If the amount of summer shoot pumping of citrus trees is too large, a lot of nutrients will be consumed, and young fruits will not get enough nutrients for growth and development, leading to a decrease in the yield of fruit shedding.The internal condition of a large number of summer shoots germination is that the nutrients produced by tree crown are consumed, and the surplus is transferred to the root system for storage and transformation. The new roots grow, and then the nutrients are absorbed and released to promote the regeneration of tree crown. In particular, there is a large amount of succulent summer shoots of suger orange, seedless walter mandarin and other varieties. If it is not controlled, it is difficult to keep fruit. Therefore, controlling summer shoots is a key to keep swelling fruit!

      20~30 relatively robust branches distributed at different locations were selected for each tree, and the top 3~5cm was cut off to form a cutting mouth to promote autumn shoot release. At the same time, the invalid branches such as shaded branches, diseased and insect branches are cut off. It can be synchronized with fruit thinning.

      Ring cutting 1-2 times a year, can not be more than three times, according to the growth of the tree to determine prosperous trees can be cut 2 times, weak trees cut once or not cut; The first ring cutting should be carried out within 3-5 days after the flower die. The ring cutting can be carried out in advance in case of high temperature during the flowering period.The second ring cutting is usually performed before the second fruit drop. If the effect of the second ring cutting is not ideal, can be performed again 15 days later.

      Summer shoots usually grow well, strong, easy to draw out and fruitlessly, appear overlord branch. 

      If the early summer shoot is not well controlled, a lot of draw out and not old ripe, affecting the draw out of autumn shoot.

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